ePuffer Electronic Cigarette: Better Alternative To Cigarettes

ePuffer Electronic CigaretteePuffer Electronic Cigarette :- Undoubtedly, smoking is a bad habit that can easily take a toll on your overall health. But, for some, smoking cigarettes is a matter of comfort that results in more tensions and health issues. Well, whatever reason you may have had to start smoking, this review will help you on your journey towards a healthier and smoke free life. Yes, here I am with ePuffer Electronic Cigarette that is considered to be a great alternative to cigarettes. Is it actually works? Is this e-cig a worth trying? Let’s find out.

What is ePuffer Electronic Cigarette?

ePuffer Electronic Cigarette is created to provide you the best solution to cut down your smoking habit. It works towards delivering everything that a smoker needs to lead a smoke-free lifestyle. This product will surely help you choose a smoke free life with the same enjoyment of nicotine minus the burnt chemical compounds as well as carcinogens of tobacco. It enables you to get the same sensation without any kinds of harmful effects. Highly acknowledged by the people, using this product helps you take a step closer to a smoke-free life.

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ePuffer Electronic Cigarette Kit contains…

  • 1 Personal charging case (PCC/E-PACK)
  • 1 E55M Battery (length: 55mm, Ø = 9mm) ASH TIP/BLUE LED
  • 1 E55M Battery (length: 55mm, Ø = 9mm) ASH TIP/RED LED
  • Universal AC2USB adapter 110/240V
  • 3 Premium cartridges of tobacco sample – It delivers up to 400 puffs each (~ 30 cigarettes)
  • USB and Car charger
  • Micro USB charging cable
  • Instruction manual

#you also get 10 extra cartridges as a bonus.

Working of ePuffer Electronic Cigarette

How does ePuffer Electronic Cigarette work?

When the air flows through the device, then it is detected by a tiny microprocessor that activates the atomizer which dispenses the miniscule droplets of liquid into the air flow. ePuffer Electronic Cigarette provides a secret combination of vegetable glycerin or propylene that is added to increase the resemblance to real smoke. This product further quickly gets evaporated into a vapor and the smokers inhale the best alternative to cigarette. The formula features patent pending magnetic activation technology that simplify the process of changing a wide array of atomized cartridges.

Apart from this, the battery charging case of ePuffer Electronic Cigarette shows the design of a standard cigarette pack and offers sleek durability to protect the material inside. This product is an ideal choice to attain a smoke-free life.

What are the features of ePuffer Electronic Cigarette?

Rechargeable Case

  • Magnetic charging socket (drop & charge)
  • Expanded lifespan, up to 420 charge cycles
  • Offers high rate discharge internal battery (540mAh)
  • Holds 1 assembled e-Cig (92mm), extra cartomizer and spare battery

Rechargeable Battery

  • Offers high rate discharge (120mAh)
  • Magnetic activation and screw less design
  • 400 charge cycles of expanded lifespan

Atomized Cartridge

  • Magnetic screw less design
  • 20% increased cartridge capacity
  • For silent operation and smoother draw, offers direct air-intake
  • 1.2mg, 0.6mg and 0mg is the available nicotine density
  • Each cartridge offers fresh atomizer

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Special Delux Trial Offer

Available in black and white, ePuffer Electronic Cigarette comes with everything below:

  • 10 extra cartridges (menthol or premium tobacco) in 0, 0.6 or 1.2 mg Nicotine that equals to over 300 regular cigarettes that helps you save over $150.00
  • Save $12.95 and get an additional 12 cartridges in 6 in-sweet variety as well as tobacco variety for only $17.95

Why only ePuffer Electronic Cigarette?

Listed are some of its amazing benefits that makes ePuffer Electronic Cigarette a worth use. Have a look:

  • No more a lingering odor on clothes
  • Comes with multiple flavors, easy and simple to use
  • Get the similar sensation of nicotine without delivering chemicals and toxic tar to the lungs
  • Teeth can return to a natural white and gums become healthier with no more stain from a real cigarette
  • With the elimination of toxins and tars, skin becomes clear and premature aging signs decreases

How was my experience?

I am quite happy with my purchase of ePuffer Electronic Cigarette. In order to quit smoking, I tried various things, but I must say that nothing was as effective as this. Tried a few flavors, but loved the tobacco one – it gives the real smoking sensation without harming my body. It’s been a long since I am using it, I didn’t succeed yet but it definitely helped me diminish the quantity of real ones. Undoubtedly, I will keep using it as it also gives me the freedom to smoke anywhere, anytime. This is by far the great alternative of tobacco, and I am loving it. This is actually a good stuff. Highly recommended.

Precautions you should follow

  • Not easily available at the retail stores (buy online)
  • Keep it out of children’s reach
  • Not meant for the people under 18
  • Consult your health expert before using

Where to buy?

In order to get your new rechargeable e-pack starter kit, visit the official website of ePuffer Electronic Cigarette and place your order. Many offers are also available there, you can choose as per your need. Hurry now as the stock is limited.

Where to Buy ePuffer Electronic Cigarette